Everyday Leaders Are Needed to Face the Great Challenges of Our Time –
Will You Be One?

Every generation is called to address great challenges and make the world better for future generations – today, we just face much bigger challenges than previous generations.

  • We must rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop climate change.
  • We must transition to an economy that restores our natural resources.
  • We must prepare for the significant impacts we already face from climate change.
  • We must build communities where all lives are valued - where everyone lives in a healthy neighborhood and has an equal opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

The challenges we face are great – but not greater than our infinite capacity to overcome them.

Every day across the United States everyday leaders are stepping up and addressing these challenges head on – are you going to be one of them?

The Revolution to a More Sustainable and Equitable Future is Underway –
This Time the Revolution is Local.

Despite partisan gridlock in Washington, local and regional leaders are making great progress in addressing the pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges of our time.

From Santa Monica to Salt Lake City; from Spartanburg to Greensburg; and from Oklahoma City to Boston; local leaders across the country are working together on innovative solutions for more sustainable and equitable communities.

In Washington, leaders are frozen by rigid boundaries of ideology and politics.

At the local level, leaders find ways to collaborate on innovative solutions to address real world problems.

The path to a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future is through radical innovation at the local level and rapidly spreading the best ideas, strategies, and tools.

The Revolution Will Only Grow With More Leaders Like You

The revolution to a more sustainable and equitable future is unlike past revolutions.

It is not led by a few charismatic leaders. It is led by thousands of everyday leaders who will are determined to build a better future for themselves and future generations.

These everyday leaders are building a more sustainable and equitable future one household, one neighborhood, one community, one city, and one region at a time.

They are addressing problems like affordable housing, homelessness, living wages, workforce development, and economic inclusion.

They are building local food systems, community energy networks, circular economies, carbon neutral cities, walkable communities, and healthy neighborhoods.

Are you ready to step up and be one of these leaders and join the movement?

Are you already one of these leaders but you just need more support?

If you are….then Infinite Earth Lab is here to help you every step of the way.

Effective Leaders Need Knowledge, Mentoring, and a Network of Support – We’ve Got You Covered.

History has proven that good intentions and a righteous cause are just not enough.

To successfully lead your community to a more sustainable and equitable future you need to:

  • understand the challenges
  • know the latest best practices
  • know how to implement them in your community
  • and, most importantly, you need a network of support.

Keeping up on all the best practices and knowing how to adapt them to your community is impossible for any one individual.

That is why we have created Infinite Earth Lab – to leverage a large group of committed community warriors to rapidly spread the best ideas and dramatically increase sustainability, resiliency, and equity in communities across the United States.


Where Local Sustainability and Equity Leaders Come Together to Learn, Share What’s Working, and Support Each Other.

This is your invitation to join a group of local leaders who are committed to creating a more sustainable and equitable future, one community at a time.

It’s time to step up, join the movement, and transform the future.

Infinite Earth Lab is a partnership of

Here is what folks are saying about the partners:

Dr. Erica L. Holloman

From the lens of the most affected, it is refreshing to work with organizations, like Skeo, who possess: 1) the willingness to be compassionate, not judgmental, 2) the willingness to be the voice of the voiceless in a room full of voices that make decisions, and 3) the willingness to always stand on the side of equity and justice, even if that means standing alone. Skeo and the work that they undertake is restoring the balance of equity, extending greener futures and building resiliency, one community, one local government, and one state/federal agency at a time.

Dr. Erica L. Holloman

The Local Government Commission is a visionary organization with an influential staff and board engaged in many conversations related to climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, conserving our water resources and sustainable and equitable development. They are actively engaged with local, state and national leaders and agencies in all these areas, and regularly manage conferences, collaborations, workshops, and develop and disseminate best practices on these topics. The LGC is a key partner with the SMAQMD … and help train our staff and Board.

The Essential Tools You Need To Be
A Highly Effective Sustainability and Equity Leader

7 Step Infinite Earth Change Model Training:

The 7 Step Infinite Earth Change Model is a proven process for increasing the effectiveness of change agents and creating more sustainable and equitable communities.

This 7 module training is broken into 12 monthly lessons that can be consumed once a month or at your own pace.

Each lesson is about 30 minutes long and focuses on one specific high-leverage action that can usually be completed in about 90 minutes or less, while still getting huge results for your community.

Module 1 (3 months)

Make the Shift: How to Go Beyond Talking About Issues and Get Real Results

Most change agents find themselves wasting valuable time, energy, and resources because they haven’t been able to clearly identify the exact, addressable issues that will motivate the public and gain the political support necessary to get things done and make real progress.

Learn how to use valuable tools that will help you identify and better communicate concrete sustainability, resiliency, and equity challenges and opportunities that your community can effectively address. We have identified the most valuable tools and created a simple to follow and scalable framework that you can implement whether you are an advanced practitioner or just getting started. What you learn in this module will save you countless hours of research and endless hours pursuing the wrong objectives.

Module 2 (2 months)

Engage the Community: Mastering the Art of Building Strong & Healthy Coalitions

The truth is you can’t change the world alone. The key to successful equity and sustainability outcomes is learning how to engage the public, bring them on board, keep them motivated, and have them engaging elected officials.

Engaging diverse stakeholder groups and a sometimes apathetic public is often the biggest frustration and most anxiety-provoking experience that most change agents face – we can help you turn your biggest obstacle into your most powerful asset.

In this module, you’ll learn how to identify the priorities and motivations of key community stakeholders so you can effectively engage diverse communities and build powerful coalitions. We know from working with nearly 2,000 communities across the United States that this is the single most important skill an effective change agent can have.

Module 3 (1 month)

Choose One SMART Goal: How to Focus Your Efforts for Measurable Success

The biggest reason most change agents struggle to see results fast is they try to address too many problems at the same time. They get bogged down in feelings of overwhelm and lose their passion to make change.

The reality is you make progress quicker when you choose one specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound goal. Then once you achieve that goal, move onto the next goal and build a series of wins into an unstoppable upward spiral of success.

Module 4 (3 months)

Create Leverage: Find Opportunities to Move Your Goal Forward

Local governments and organizations are already under resourced and over tasked – there is no room to take on new responsibilities and new programs – so how do we tackle these important challenges? The key to success at the local level is to operate within existing systems and use existing leverage points to effect change.

In this module, you will learn what we call “strategic piggy-backing” by leveraging existing policies, programs, projects, and planning efforts to achieve your sustainability, equity, and resiliency goals. Work smarter not harder… this module alone will save you months if not years of wasted time and effort.

Module 5 (1 month)

Enlist Allies: Getting the Organizational and Leadership Support You Need

Often times the greatest resistance to change comes from colleagues and political leadership that don’t want to increase workloads or risk failure. People are naturally resistant to change and there is a certain inertia around – “this is the way we have always done it.”

Getting people to apply fresh thinking to old approaches is not easy – but in this module, you will learn how to effectively talk with colleagues and elected officials from different backgrounds and perspectives in order bring them on board and get support for your efforts. Failing to learn this skill can keep you in an endless loop of “banging your head against the wall” or feeling like you are working in quick sand.

Module 6 (1 month)

Enroll Partners: Getting the Resources You Need to Make it Happen

What you learn in the first 5 modules will allow you to make significant progress without needing additional resources or outside funding, but let’s face it, at some point you are more likely than not going to have projects that require additional resources or funding.

In this module, you will learn a range of strategies for identifying resources and funding that can support your goals - including some opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.

Module 7 (1-month)

Make It Happen: Commit to Your Action Plan

Avoid the trap of always planning but never acting - all of the best intentions and planning don’t mean anything without strong implementation - this is where most sustainability and equity efforts fail.

We have all been involved in useless planning efforts that were a series of meetings that ended up in a pretty report that collects dust on a shelf – we want to put an end to this practice that is an incredible waste of valuable time and resources – no more planning that does not lead to action.

In this final module, you will learn how to pull it all together into an implementable action plan that includes concrete steps, a timeline, and commitments from your partners to achieve your goal.

Private ‘Members Only’ Networking Community:

This is where all the mentoring, brainstorming, daily interaction, support, and accountability happens. In our private networking group, you will have access to staff from Skeo and the Local Government Commission, as well as a tribe of likeminded community sustainability, equity, and resiliency leaders.

This is where you can ask questions and leverage the knowledge of the “tribe” to apply what you are learning in the Lab to your community and to build valuable networking relationships. These are the people who share your values and goals – who most want to see you achieve success and will support your efforts.

In addition, this is where we post updates on best practices and resource opportunities that support efforts to make communities more sustainable, equitable, and resilient. This will help you keep on top of the latest information, stay on the cutting edge, and become a leader in your field.

Join the movement…

For Only $197 You Get 12 Months of Advanced Training and Become Part of an Amazing Tribe of Sustainability and Equity Leaders.

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The revolution requires both innovation and rapid diffusion of the best ideas.

In order to speed up the revolution and build a powerful Infinite Earth Lab community faster – we are stealing an idea from TOMS Shoes – but I really doubt they will mind.

Join Infinite Earth Lab and participate in the community and we will recognize you as a Scholarship Sponsor and give a free membership to a worthy organization or individual.

Join today and double the impact of your investment - help build a more sustainable and equitable future faster!

Infinite Earth Lab is a partnership of

Here is what folks are saying about the partners:

Dr. Erica L. Holloman

We are extraordinarily pleased with the contribution that Skeo has made to advancing and enriching climate and clean energy planning work in Maryland through the excellent report "Planning for Climate and Energy Equity in Maryland". We owe a huge debt of gratitude for their profound expertise and thoughtful engagement.

Dr. Erica L. Holloman

The LGC is a think tank that provides new information to communities that need it and are hungry for it. I really appreciate the education and the opportunity that the LGC has allowed us to learn and grasp.

We Are 100% Committed to Your Success

We believe Infinite Earth Lab will provide extraordinarily valuable knowledge and relationships that will make you dramatically more effective.

And we want you to be a highly valued member of this community.

So, we are willing to take all of the risk!

If at the end of the year – you do not think we provided value dramatically exceeding your investment – we will return 100% of your money no questions asked.

That’s right a full 100% money back guarantee.


Get the Knowledge and Support You Need to Advance Your Career and Lead Your Community To A Better Future.

It’s time to step up, join the movement, and transform the future.